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CalSNAP is Multimedia Services integrated login and search system that provides one search within oneplace. Members have 24/7 easy access to:

  • CaliforniaStreaming
    CaliforniaStreaming is our non-commercial media-on-demand service, which is a statewidecollaborative effort from the California County Educational Technology Consortium (CCETC).CaliforniaStreaming provides thousands of the best media content available with instructionalvideos, video segments, images, and audio files in support of California's content standards.
  • Grolier Online
    Scholastic's Grolier Online provides award-winning quick encyclopedia reference materials withmultimedia visual support. Grolier Online contains over 120,000 articles. All articles are lexiled andcorrelated to national and state standards. Included with the subscription is an atlas, dictionary andover 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages representing 195 countries. Additional resourcesinclude news articles, videos, lesson plans and over 300,000 editor vetted web links.
  • BrainPOP
    As a member benefit add-on, BrainPOP has animated movies and engaging learning games thatencourage reflection and connections in History/Social Studies, STEM, English Language Arts,Health, and the Arts. The BrainPOP Combo includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP Español, andBrainPOP Francais; BrainPOP ESL, a proficiency-based English language learning program for allages, is also available.
  • State Funded Content
    ​The California State Library has purchased three online databases for use by K-12 students in thestate. To make access to these online resources simple, you can access them through your CalSNAP account with no additional cost. See below for list of resources and descriptions of each.
  • Partner Content
    CalSNAP provides additional high quality secondary and teacher professional development andclassroom content fromAnnenberg Learner and a brilliant array of images from Pics4Learning.See below for a description of the growing list of CalSNAP's partner content.