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Below are links to documents or online resources that provide support materials for CaliforniaStreaming as well as our content partners with digital resources found within. Support materials for Premium Content providers (subscription services) are liste a he top, followe by support for State Funded Content (paid for through the State budget), and finally Partner Content providers (free open educational resources). The State Funded and Partner Content sections are organized alphabetically by the provider name.


Premium Content

Premium content includes subscription resources included in your membership and those that are available as an add-on for an additional fee. Resources included in your membership are listed first. Those available as an add-on are indicated and listed next.

 Grolier Online


State Funded Content

CaliforniaStreaming provides access to additional high quality resources purchased by the State of California for all K-12 public school teachers and students. Some of these vendors have also agreed to provide access to all students (public, private, and charter) in the state.


Partner Content

CaliforniaStreaming includes additional high quality resources from a growing list of open content providers.


  • Teaching Materials - Classroom tested lessons created by teachers from the 18 countries (most of them are in English), which can be downloaded and adapted. 




  • Teaching Strategies - Student-centered teaching strategies designed to strengthen student literacy skills, nurture critical thinking, and create a respectful classroom climate. These strrategies can be implemented with any academic content.
  • Professional Development Calendar - Calendar of professional development opportunities available from Facing History and Ourselved for educators.



  • Teacher's Guides and Analysis Tool - Library of Congress page containing teacher guides for analyzing primary sources and student analysis tools for printed texts, manuscripts, maps, motion pictures, oral histories, photographs and prints, political cartoons, sheet music and song sheets, and sound recordings.
  • Classroom Materials - Created by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use materials provide easy ways to incorporate the Library’s unparalleled primary sources into instruction.
  • Professional Development Videos - Explore a growing collection of short videos released by the Library of Congress to build awareness about Library materials as well as explain and model teaching strategies for using primary sources in the classroom.


  • About Pics4Learning - Information about the source of images, image use policy, and the history of Pics4Learning.
  • Pics4Learning Lessons - Creative Educator lessons that include ideas for using images from Pics4Learning along with other Tech4Learning technology tools.


Project Gutenberg


  • Help Center - Help page with links to assist with navigation and use of tools. Also contains links for teachers on how to incorporate Smithsonian resources in the classroom.


  • Overview of Storynory - Page on the Storynory website that contains information about what you can find in Storynory, help and FAQs, as well as news and information about Storynory.



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