Inspire, Empower, Transform - that is the vision and purpose of CCETC's CaliforniaStreaming collaborative community. The judges of the CaliforniaStreaming Digital Photography Contest will select up to eight winners - at least six student winners and up to two teacher winners that best reflect the 2021 contest theme: "HUMANITY",

Winners will have their photographs incorporated into a collectable CaliforniaStreaming poster, which will be distributed to classrooms across the state of California. Eight winners will receive a digital pocket camcorder.

Download the contest flyer.

Images from the CaliforniaStreaming Digital Photography Contest will be available to view after winners are announced. Previous winners and entries may be viewed in the Contest Gallery.

For detailed information about the contest, please read the guidelines, eligibility and rules below. Prior to entering the contest, please take the time to review the submission process. This provides all of the information that you will need for your entry.

Submit Entry



Each entry should be accompanied by a brief essay, a poem, or expanded caption that will be judged and give context to the photograph.

Writing should help connect the image to the theme -- take time to inspire the judges with words that support your photo. First and foremost, this is a photography contest. So while the writing is important, each photo entry should stand on its own. Writing should connect the image to the theme.

Winning photographs will be used in a collectable CaliforniaStreaming art poster and many submitted photographs will be integrated into CaliforniaStreaming’s image collection to be shared with other California students and teachers.

It is suggested that teachers follow the process below:

  • Become familiar with the written information that is required in the Submission Process. Incomplete applications may be disqualified from the contest. Note: Although this is a photography contest, students should take care in composing a written description for his/her photograph as it will be judged with the photo. This description should address the three required questions defined in the Submission Process. The writing element may be described as an enhanced caption and judges will consider the quality of the responses as well as the age of the student. Responses from the youngest learners, K-2, may be transcribed by a teacher.
  • Retain a release authorizing necessary permission for the entry and for possible reuse for the poster and in Download CaliforniaStreaming Photo Contest Release Form.



  • Photographs that are submitted must conform to the theme, "HUMANITY."
  • Student photographers must be currently enrolled in K-12 education in California.
  • Photographs (and any editing) must be the original work of the individual receiving credit.
  • An entry can be edited to include multiple photographs, but all photographs included must be the original work of the individual receiving created.
  • Text and other graphical elements added to a photograph must be the original work of the individual receiving credit. Please keep in mind that this is a photography contest, so text and graphical elements should not detract from the photograph.
  • Photographs must be selected and submitted by the student’s teacher who verifies by submission that the work is ORIGINAL, not copies of published photographs or photographs taken by non-eligible individuals. 
  • Each teacher may submit one photograph per student.
  • Each teacher may select and submit up to a maximum of ten photographs from ten students.
  • Each photograph must be submitted as a separate entry.
  • Teachers have a category for which they may submit photographs they have taken.
  • Each teacher may submit one photograph in the teacher category.
  • Each submission form should be complete. Incomplete entry forms may be disqualified.
  • Students who have graduated or are no longer enrolled in a K-12 education program may not participate in this contest.
  • Photographs must meet the submission deadline.
  • Photographs that are submitted give CaliforniaStreaming the right for use in print and digital materials and to share within the CaliforniaStreaming delivery system. 



  •  Photographs must be in .jpg format at the highest quality.
  • Identifying information should NOT be included in the naming of the file. (No student, teacher or school names, please.)




At least six students and up to two teacher photographs will be selected as winners. Winning photographs will be integrated for use in a CaliforniaStreaming collectible art poster and within image collection. Each winning student and teacher photographer will receive a digital video camera.



The CaliforniaStreaming Photography Contest aligns with the English Language Arts State Standards in writing across all grade levels. Additionally, the photography contest supports many dimensions of the 4C's: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.

Judges will look for photographs that tell a compelling story. Since words can help tell that story, entries should be accompanied by a brief essay or expanded caption that will be judged with the photo and will help tell the story and give context to the photograph. First and foremost, this is a photography contest. So, while the writing is important, each photo entry should stand on its own.

It is suggested that teachers who are submitting student photographs, gather the information in advance then copy and paste the responses into the text fields. Particularly note the writing requirements in item #4.

Review the information that will be on the Submission Form below. When ready to enter, go to the Submission Form.

  1. Teacher Information:
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Phone
  2. School Information:
    1.  County
    2. District
    3. School
  3. Photographer Information:
    1. Name
    2. Grade (if student)
    3. Age (if student)
  4. Photograph Details: (For judging purposes, please do not include any personal information in the title or description that will identify the student or school. Personal information may be removed prior to judging.)
    1. Photograph Title
    2. Year Photograph Taken
    3.  Description of Photograph
      1. Provide relevant information about the subject and/or location of the photograph. Do not include any information that will identify the student or school.
      2. Explain how your photograph relates to this year's contest theme, "HUMANITY."
      3. Is there anything else you would like the contest judges to know?
    4. List the keywords that best represent your photograph.
    5. Has the image been digitally edited with software? Yes or No. If yes, please explain.

After completing all sections of the form, you will be asked to certify and submit the entry by clicking a box, By clicking the box, you are agreeing that you have collected signed releases which provide the following:

  • I hereby grant CCETC the right to use submitted photos and the photographer’s name in various media formats for an unlimited amount of time.
  • I understand and agree that use of such photos will be without any compensation to me.
  • A model release has been obtained for every recognizable person in the photograph.
  • I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless CCETC and its authorized representatives from any and all actions, claims, damages, costs, or expenses, including attorney’s fees, which relate to or arise out of any use of these photographs as specified above.


Please download the CaliforniaStreaming Photo Contest Release Form, obtain the necessary signatures and keep the signed copy for your records before submitting the entry form.